The Protectors.


Protection. Above the rest.

Arlington Group was founded by Kevin A. Ling on the belief that certain people require a higher level of risk management and security services. His vision was to bring together a team of highly qualified and better trained experts who considered it their sworn duty to protect others. Today, Arlington Group’s two arms, UCB1 and Arlington Group Risk Management, work together to provide the vast array of bespoke risk management and protective services that we offer.
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A family of protectors.

Every member of our team is a protector by nature. It’s in our DNA. We have chosen to accept the responsibility of keeping others safe, even if it means putting ourselves in harm’s way. We always know, when we’re running towards the dangerous situations everybody else is running from, our Arlington Group brothers and sisters will be right by our side. We have each others’ backs. Always.
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Serving movers and shakers.

We serve the most important and powerful people in the world. Titans of industry, leaders of governments, and artists of influence. Your attention and focus are in high demand and limited supply. We partner with people of purpose to provide custom risk management solutions while safeguarding their minds from distraction.
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