Freedom in safety.


Our sworn duty.

In life, we believe that all people must find their purpose. At Arlington Group our purpose is to protect. We believe it is our duty, responsibility, and obligation to be ever vigilant as we defend life. We go far beyond just ensuring the physical safety of those we are sworn to protect. We shield against distractions, defend our wards’ privacy, and secure their ability to live beyond risk.

Our highest priority.

You are our highest priority, always. We provide you with the highest level of service wherever and whenever you need it. If we say we will do something, we do it with excellence. We are committed and capable of doing everything necessary to keep you safe from harm. We guarantee you will be able to focus on doing the things that matter to you.
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Our core values.

Protection. Our primary duty is always to protect, whether from physical threats, distractions, or potential risk.

Family. In order to offer protection and risk management solutions, we must be a trusting family. We must always know that our back is being watched.

Duty. We are driven by duty. We are called to protect and serve you as you pursue your purpose.
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I have seen the work of the Arlington Group, under the management and leadership of Kevin Ling, for more than a decade.

Whether it was providing front line security, executive protection or security design, Arlington Group acts professionally for the betterment of their clients.

Vernon White, BA, MA, Doctorate (Chief of Police - Ret’d)

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